Essential Questions:
Why is collaboration an important disposition to develop?
How can I model and promote collaboration?

Research to Consider:
  • Collaboration and messaging on Google docs or other messaging technologies allow teachers to sustain shared synchronous teacher-student interactions that facilitate an in-depth understanding of student needs (Velasquez et al., 2013).
  • “Online collaboration contributes to improved graduation rates and other academic improvements,” allowing students to connect with a much wider audience than the face-to-face interactions in their own classrooms (Project RED, 2010).
  • Students in one study agreed that the “diversity and creativity” offered by working in peer groups far outweighed that which is attainable when working alone (Chao and Lo, 2011).
  • Researchers argue that collaborative writing, such as using services like Google Docs, “is one of the very few forms of group work that can prove to be as important to students’ work after college” as it is in their current classrooms (Vens, 2011).