Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Essential Questions:
Why is critical thinking an important disposition to develop?
How can I model and promote critical thinking?

Research to Consider: 
  • “Providing opportunities for students to design and implement their own investigations” can be challenging, but it offers student an opportunity to take part in what is done in the world beyond the classroom walls (Dorph et al., 2011).
  • Conducting research about topics that interest students results in student-investment in the work and the use of higher-order thinking skills to integrate new and prior knowledge (Heckenlaible, 2008).
  • The urgency of using traditional skills such as distinguishing sources and understanding plagiarism have become heightened due to the overwhelming amounts of information available on the web (Microsoft Education Team, 2010).
  • The ability to solve problems and challenges enables young learners to develop the skills to enter a flexible workforce and compete in a global market (Gresham, 2014).